September 17th, 2014.

That’s the day we’ve all be waiting for – the team announcement. Here’s the dirty details:

Wednesday, September 17th – 6:30pm – Courtyard Hooligans

From the Facebook event page:


New ownership, led by Jim McPhilimamy, current President & Managing Partner of the Charlotte Hounds (MLL), has acquired the USL Pro franchise rights for Charlotte, NC from the Charlotte Eagles Soccer Club. The option was officially exercised in July. The new team, owned and operated by Queen City Soccer Club LLC, will begin play in 2015.

1. Introduction – Ownership group, Executive Staff, Guests

2. Update on Charlotte Eagles

3. American Legion Memorial Stadium 2015+

4. Major League Soccer – Official Affiliation Update

5. Primary Sponsor

6. Name / Identity

7. Season Tickets

Note: 9/17 = 5th Year Anniversary of Courtyard Hooligans. 9/18 = 33rd Anniversary of Carolina Lightnin’s ASL Championship. Record crowd of 20,183 at Memorial Stadium.

Now for some conjecture: if you follow CTS on Twitter, you know that a rumored name for the new team is “Charlotte Independence”, reflecting back on the Mecklenburg Declaration – a document that suggests Meck County declared independence from Great Britain after the Battle of Lexington and a full year before the official US Declaration of Independence. The agenda sent by the team suggests they’ve already chosen a name at the fans will be able to vote on the teams logo and other items related to branding. I think this works out for everyone the best – skipping a fan contest to name the club means fans and the team alike have a name that they can start promoting now rather than having to wait on the completion of a fan contest. Letting the fans vote for a logo still gives the fans the ability to have input on something important without the need to wait on advertising.

Fans will also find out plans for Memorial Stadium which is currently under construction. Plans submitted to the county included several different options for expansion and upgraded amenities, but right now the club is only saying that they are widening the field. This means a reduced capacity of around 10,000 fans – perfect for USL Pro, but plans will need to be made if the team wants to use Memorial Stadium for a MLS team.

The MLS club affiliate will also be announced, news of which was first released here at CTS. A MLS affiliate can prove invaluable to a brand new team – shared experience, coaching knowledge and resources will be a huge lift to Charlotte.

Information on season tickets will also be released at the announcement.

We now have 20 days to wait and hypothesize, but hopefully most of our questions will be answered at Hooligans. Leave us comments to know if you’ll be attending the announcement and how you’ll be celebrating your new soccer team. We’ll see you there.



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  1. Matt Miles

    This is very exciting. I have been pretty adamant on social media about incorporating May 20, 1775 and/or Captain Jack into the crest/logo. The Mecklenburg Declaration is something Charlotteans can be proud of that is a part of our history. I find out every May that many people from the area are not aware of the details behind the Meck Dec.

  2. Jeff

    Any rumors as to the shirt sponsor? I’m curious as to the profile of company that would sponsor USL pro. Would be nice if they could land a good sponsor.

    Any guesses?

    I’m going to guess Hendrick Auto or Carolinas Healthcare.

    • No rumors and I have no leads, but I think Carolina Medical is a good shout. Any of the main sponsors of the Hounds are going to be your frontrunners because of the ownership already doing business with them. Here’s a list of sponsors I think could be the shirt sponsor:
      – Charlotte Medical System
      – Harris Teeter
      – Bank of America
      – OrthoCarolina

      Of those the only one I really hope it isn’t is Harris Teeter. That logo would be difficult to make look good on a jersey.

      • Matt Miles

        Powerade is the kit sponsor for the Eagles and is affiliated with the Hounds… Hmm?

  3. Jeff

    How will soccer play on memorial next year without being widened? Is the width of the field going to be a detriment??

    • Matt Miles

      Comments from the ownership since February have indicated that they will be on an expanded field with turf by kickoff. They have also said they would address that subject at the Sept 17 announcement.

      If they are not able to expand the field this year, I think it would could really hurt the quality, especially when combined with the fast surface.

      • Jeff

        I will be shocked if they can get that done before the first season. That PDF that was circulated noted that was a 25 million project. Those can’t be done in six months.

        Doesn’t matter to me. I will be there whatever the field is like!

        • Matt Miles

          The $25 million project was an old proposal considering a complete renovation of the stadium including massive updates. I think that it is irrelevant now and “option 1” was eventually approved for minimal renovations. A project to strictly widen the field may be affordable to the ownership group.

          I also will be at the games no matter what, but I do worry about more casual fans returning if the conditions are not conducive of entertaining soccer. If the width of the field and the speed of the grass keep the ball out of play and limit exciting moments, it could certainly hurt the product. There are usually only a few “big” moments for experimental or casual fans.

          I do agree that anyone who is already excited for this would probably tolerate a season on a thin field though.

          • Jeff

            They can probably mitigate the issue somewhat by placing the benches in the stands and using the entire field for play.